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, multinational leader on a whole range of issues from energy to climate change and we look forward to working with mexico not only on regional issues but also on global issues. >> we also share a very important vision, a vision of creating more jobs. we know this is very important not only for the american people but also for the mexican people. for both our nations. but not only that, we also have the opportunity to integrate north america to be participating in this part of the world. >> suarez: their most immediate challenge may be the surge of drug violence in recent years. outgoing mexican president calderon wage war on the cartels at a cost of 60,000 dead over six years. but last summer, pena nieto told the newshour's margaret warner there has to be a better way. >> it is very clear after several years of this fight on drug trafficking we have more drug consumption and drug use and drug trafficking. that means we're not moving in the right direction. things are not working. i'm not saying that we should legalize it. it's exactly the opposite. i'm against legalization. but with the count
be a while. we are chipping away at the need to move off of the non renewable energy sources that pollute and hurt our health. >> is chipping away enough? >> it is not as good as a sledgehammer. it is all that we have. it will take a while because we're so addicted to this. look at the power that these companies have. the look at television, you see ads that talked about how wonderful the new energy is coming from coal. how wonderful this new thing coming from gas. they just sell you on the idea. basically, advertising and the money that goes behind it, most of that money comes from these big and accompanies that i think are polluting. >> can someone like you, you have a very well known name, can you take them on. >> i doubt it. i used to go up against mobil oil. it usually went in the same way. >> thithis guy is an actor. that one held until reagan. i did. it did not solve the whole problem. i do not know that i will change much. you just do what you can do. >> now, if you indulge in impulse shopping, extreme makeover, this will help your career. this is the well-known symptom of well li
next era energy lew hay about higher taxes on dividends and stock gains. >> susie: that and more tonight on "n.b.r."! black friday comes early this year. all across the country americans are already lining up outside stores, camping out for the earlier-than-ever start to the holiday shopping season. scenes like this are popping up in shopping mall parking lots. these tents are pitched outside a best buy in tampa, florida, where shoppers are hoping to get the early-bird holiday specials. with big retail chains opening their doors for black friday, on thursday night, there are complaints about companies putting commerce ahead of family time. walmart has been threatened with protests by its employees. the company filed a complaint with the national labor relations board hoping to stop the demonstrations, but the board won't rule on it before tomorrow. diane eastabrook looks at the personal price of thanksgiving day store hours. >> reporter: this is the calm before the storm at a chicago toys r us. manager danny soro thinks up to 10,000 shoppers will descend on the store when it open
as much energy as he constantly has. (laughs) i think he draws energy from being out like talking to you. he's amazing about that. i worry about my getting tired while he's just out there just running around all the time. what am i curious about? well, i wonder what he thinks in his innermost thoughts sometimes about some of his maybe not perfect investments. but i'm not curious about a lot because i know an awful lot. >> she knows every chapter of the book. (laughter) she knows it all. (laughter) >> rose: i know a lot of it. >> i know you do. >> rose: doing the book, as a matter of fact, refreshed everything that i knew. >> rose: there was this item, too. berkshire hathaway has overcome general electric. it's now the sixth largest company in terms of market value >> i haven't looked -- that doesn't surprise me in this area. >> rose: does that mean anything to you? >> well, it means -- >> rose: i bet it does! i bet it does! >> what means something is having it outperform the general market over time. i mean that -- my job is to do better for my investors than they would do if they were d
and are not interested in the energy that is needed to invest in a confrontation between the arab world and the israelis. and the president of egypt has played such a constructive role over questions about whether an islamic government could ever deal with israel and bring about an influence on hamas to see a peace process unfold. >> and looking at the details of the cease-fire agreement, it seems that there is an ass of concession. there will be talks on the border crossing (from gaza -- opening from gaza into israel prepare. there have been issues about the gaza plot 80, which has been causing issues with -- blockade, which has been causing issues with finding employment, etc. the big issue is whether you can take these early processes and develop them into a broader middle east peace process. >> do you think you can? >> the irony is for holuba clinton. could she pick up where her husband left off at camp david 12 years ago? could she be the one to eventually move forward the world's longest conflict? >> do you think israel achieve what it wanted with this offensive? >> probably not as much as it woul
in front of someone or how much energy and effort is put into writing a book, there are certain refrains that you're going to hear. let me offer two or three of them. with all due respect, this is fundamentally exclusively about parenting in some people's minds. everything is solved. for those that say this is all about parenting, i say that the parents matter a whole lot. i think it is easier to give that kind of support, but we know there are lots of single parent families. it should take us, how we think about the interaction with government and families. that the responsibility for kids starts on the first day of vendor -- of kindergarten. that there is a public responsibility, a complicated declined across. -- line to cross. the interventions are crossing that line, finding ways to work directly with parents and support them. that is something that a lot of us are scared of. it also just lets us off the hook, it lets us say that if the parents are not doing the job, there is nothing we can do. >> to those that say children succeed, hard work and to the conditions be damned, you have
our best in every realm. second, energy. we need to be a model for commitment to our job and our people. and third, efficiency. we need to be competent and bring about results. in my business, speaking and coaching, i have learned that i cant really have a bad day. my best marketing is really doing a valuable job every time for every client in every setting. my guess is that's probably true for you as well. i'm lou heckler. >> tom: that's "nightly business report" for friday, november 23. good night, everyone and have a safe weekend. we'll see you online at nbr.com and back here monday night. captioning sponsored by wpbt captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.org >> join us anytime at nbr.com. there, you'll find full episodes of the program, complete show transcripts and all the market stats. also follows us on our facebook page at bizrpt. and on twitter @bizrpt. >>> the following is a co-production of kqed and the center for investigative reporting. >> the system for corrections itself is failing with the cost of $50,000 per inmate, this is not a sustainable system.
technology for new energy solutions. >> around the globe the people of boeing are working together. to build a better tomorrow. >> that's why we're here. >> this rock has never stood still. since 1875, we've been there for our clients through good times and bad. when their needs changed, we were there to meet them. through the years, from insurance to investment management, from real estate to retirement solutions, we've developed new ideas for the financial challenges ahead. this rock has never stood still. and that's one thing that will never change. prudential. >> additional corporate funding is provided by norfolk southern. additional funding is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. once again, from washington, sitting in for gwen ifill this week, pete williams of nbc news. pete: good evening. we hope your holiday went well. president obama and hillary clinton could not have expected their week to unfold as it did. the president was hoping to focus new attention on the promi
. the selling pressure showed up in the telecommunication sector, falling 1%. the energy and consumer staples sectors also fell. with so much focus on consumers and spending over the weekend, grocery stocks led the consumer sector lower today. super markets safeway and whole foods were down 3.2% and 3.1% respectively. kraft foods fell 2.1%. kraft trades below the price it was at when it split off its snack foods operations. it was a mixed day for retail stocks despite generally positive returns for the big national chains over the weekend. macy's fell 4.5%. the stock hit a six month high last week in anticipation of the holiday season. nordstrom dropped 4.1%. volume more than doubled. both nordstrom and macy's were among the worst s&p 500 stocks today. after falling to more than a decade low last week, best buy bounced 6.7%. volume was heavy as traders pointed to short covering, when those betting the stock would fall have to buy to cover their positions. apple helped pull up the major indices in which it is included. the stock continues rebounding from its autumn sell-off. shares regained 3.
million; just under 1.8 billion shares traded on the nasdaq. the energy sector fell 1%. the financial sector lost nine tenths of a percent, and telecommunications continues moving down, falling another seven tenths of a percent today. the big corporate news was in the food business. as suzanne reported earlier, conagra finally has a deal to buy ralcorp, and both stocks jumped to new highs. the target, ralcorp, shot up 26.4%, closing just below the buyout offer at $90. in a sign of enthusiasm for the deal, the buyer, conagra, saw its shares jump 4.7% to its highest price in more than a decade. all the holiday spending on televisions and mobile devices looks to be helping corning. it makes glass used in screens for electronics. the company raised its fourth quarter forecast. corning expects its specialty glass business to make up for declines in other products. shares rose 6.9%, volume tripled. green mountain coffee is best known for the k-cup single serve coffee. the company has seen big new competitors like starbucks get into the market, but green mountain continues selling plenty of
you energy. that's kind of how it is. i think i could always want more, but i'm completely satisfied right now. i could be completely satisfied for the rest of my life if i had to. >> at first i was, like, a basket case. i was just, like, shaking and pacing back and forth, and i had butterflies in my stomach. you look out into this huge expanse of a full broadway stage house, with a full audience. but then right before i went on, i just took a deep breath, and i was like, "you know what? just do it, be yourself." ♪ you've got to know just what to say and how to say it ♪ you've got to know what game to play and how to play it ♪ you've got to stack those decks... ♪ it's actually really funny, because i am nothing like lola at all. i'm definitely not a seductress. ♪ in all the right places... i'm definitely more of the shy math nerd. so donning that corset and suddenly being in command of every man in the room was definitely a shift. ♪ ...the prince of wales it's no great art ♪ getting the heart of a man on a silver platter ♪ a little brains a little talent ♪ with an e
going out every night looking for talent. man: his energy and persistence -- he was desperate to succeed. i stepped on a lot of toes at that time, and probably didn't handle things as diplomatically as i should've. leider: it was all-consuming. and i didn't get a sense that david had any other life but being in the talent game as an agent. ♪ love is but a song we sing geffen: when i signed jesse colin young and the youngbloods, i didn't really know anything about what it was to make a record deal, so i had asked what the biggest deal anybody had ever heard of was, and then i tried to make a deal for him ♪ or make the angels cry and i made his record deal at rca, which had that very famous song, ♪ c'mon, people now, smile on your brother ♪ ♪ everybody, get together ♪ gonna love one another right now ♪ ♪ c'mon, people now, smile on your brother ♪ ♪ everybody, get together ♪ try to love one another right now ♪ i have today ordered to vietnam the air mobile division and certain other forces which will raise our fighting strength from 75,000 to 125,000 men. geffen: i g
the energy and kept the support among young voters where it counted. >> suarez: when we try to slice and dice the electorate, is there really a youth vote? every youth is something else? they come from their region, come from their state, educate or not, high income, low income. is a youth voter more like another youth voters than other catholics, other southerners? >> it's true. this is a diverse generation. baby boomers were characterized as something. they're very diverse. all the generations have differences, but this generation really has a character that showed up early on, even before obama came into the scene and energized people. in the 2004 election this was an engaged electorate that was already showing its democratic leanings and that's not just about personality. it's about substance. they have somewhat different values about what they prioritize and what they think the government should be doing. this is the one age group that wants the government to be more, whereas all the older age groups want the government to get out of their hair. this is the one generation that backs the
on haiti million 5 and spending energy building a product called face web where we were hoping we could deliver our products to the mobile world really with one platform and that's the mobile web and that was the wrong bet. at least for now we think it may happen. we sort of -- we've now moved to native apps because we can get the performance and that's a good example. >> rose: you're on the board. what else? >> oh, i don't know. i mean, look, these companies -- at least my standpoint being an investor in these companies, you want these companies taking risks. it's really hard. when tech companies turn conservative and stop making bets because they're afraid somebody is going to say "what did you screw up?" that's when they go sideways. so if the hit rate is greater than 50-50 they're probably taking enough risk. >> mark zuckerberg has a great phrase which is there's two ways to fail. one way to fail is that you don't hit your plan. the second way to fail is that you hit your plan and your plan wasn't big enough. and if you actually look at it, most companies fail the second way. they f
such a universal energy, that people relate to that. >> rose: there it is. >> wow. >> rose: thank you. >> thank you very, have yo very. >> rose: thank you for joining us. see you next time. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.org oh, hi there! welcome to my perfect christmas party! the fun begins in two shakes of a cat's tail. (babbling) so, stay sitting where you're sat, it's time for christmas with the cat in the hat! ♪ viewers like you, and you, and you, and you...
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)